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I am a Sr. QA Engineer that understands the Software Development Lifecycle, and how QA fits into it. I have over 10 years of experience shipping Desktop and Web Applications. If you need someone that can handle test planning and management of testing activities, I can do that for you. I am looking to bring my extensive experience to the table and ship top notch software.

Skills and Keywords

·         QA: Black Box, Test plans, Test cases, Regression Boundary testing, Performance and Functional testing, Documentation, Bug Reporting, SDLC

·         Operating Systems: Windows and Linux embedded systems

·         Tools: Wireshark, VMWare, TFS, Bugzilla, Selenium, jUnit

·         Languages: Autoit3, HTML, XML, SQL

·         Methodologies: Scrum, RAD, Waterfall

·         Networking: Network designs LAN/WAN connectivity, Security, TCP/IP, Packet capture and inspection.

·         Technologies: Client Server, AJAX, Flash, long-polling, Embedded Systems



Animated Designs  QA Lead 11/2008-12/2008

Animated Designs just launched a brand new version of the website. I came to this project 30 days before launch. During this project, I came up with the complete test plan covering all functional testing, network failover testing, load testing, and integration testing. I worked with an offsite QA team to get all of the functional testing competed under a tight deadline. I also worked closely with developers and systems admins to test the back-end systems for failover, data integrity, and integration with 3rd party systems.


MySpace Instant Messenger Sr QA Engineer 2007-8/2008

The MySpaceIM network is a massively multiuser Instant Messenger network. I am responsible for QA of the server side components of the system. This includes the clustered server software, the middleware layer that communicates with MySpace data stores, and web services to communicate with the Skype network. I have been working closely with server side developers to integrate VOIP into the IM Client, improve cluster scaling, and create a robust IM Network. I've also had the opportunity to collaborate with the IM architect and Server lead to design and implement behavioral fingerprinting algorithms for identifying and stopping spammers in real time.   QA Engineer Contract 1/1/2007-3/1/2007

Short term contract to help ship a mission critical revamp of the SpotRunner website. The upgrade included the addition of flash media content to a CMS driven library of Advertising Media, and adding flash component to the front end to display the new content. I was responsible for test planning and testing of all flash components of the site. I was also responsible for verifying the correct CMS content was being served, including failover to components compatible with unconverted content.


United Online  QA Engineer Contract QA 7/2006-11/2006

I worked on the ISP Client QA team, testing all front and back end features related to the dial up internet service. This included front end ui testing, backend database testing, as well as end-to-end connectivity testing. I was responsible for test planning, and execution for all components of the dial up software, including compatibility testing and verification of data integrity.  Content QA 2005-2007 is one of the top rated spoiler sites for EverQuest 2 by Sony Online Entertainment. I was responsible for content management and organization on the site. This included overall site design, template design, and enforcement of 'best practices', content auditing, and content editing. Over the 2 years we grew into the premier free resource for in-game information, outperforming competing for-profit sites such as and


FBIScience CQO 1/2005–10/2006

FBIScience is a German based startup company that is developing a client/server database product aimed at academic and private sector biomedical research facilities. I was responsible for market research and competitive analysis across all our product offerings. This included discovering user needs and expectations, identifying partnership opportunities, setting up infrastructure, identifying competitors, and determining how to place our products in the market. I was also responsible for all aspects of QA testing of the client-server software, including all test planning, documentation, and execution.


Independent Consulting 2001-2005

Since working for 3Com I have been working as a consultant advising customers regarding best practices in small business data networks and working with clients to meet their computing needs. This includes hardware and software installation and repair, as well as data network design and implementation. A large portion of this time was devoted to FBIScience prior to incorporation.

Kerbango/3com QA Lead 5/10/00-6/4/01

The Kerbango Internet Radio is the world’s first stand-alone internet radio. It is an internet appliance running and embedded PPC version of Hardhat Linux. It communicates with an online database to retrieve the URL’s of Real Audio and MP3 streams then plays them back locally. 

Built the QA department from the ground up, integrating with other elements of the product team. I implemented QA policies to meet product requirements. Interfaced with build team to streamline delivery of builds to the teams for testing and development. I recruited and hired QA engineers to fill open positions. Wrote test plans for each aspect of the technology. . Participated in Specification, Architectural, and code reviews. I handled all aspects of the QA effort at Kerbango.

Network Associates Senior QA Engineer 4/15/99-5/10/00

Worked closely with management to streamline QA processes, and develop long-term scalable department policies. Worked on product teams as QA engineer., verifying software. I was responsible for writing test plans, and working with development to ensure that products in development meet market requirements. Training junior members of the team in efficient QA processes. Responsible for evaluating current development practices for readiness to begin development of applications that will meet ‘Windows Logo Certification’ requirements. I was responsible for setting up for setting up test lab environment for extensive security vulnerability testing. Responsible for setting up QA Tools server to meet image storage needs, and as a central repository for frequently needed tools.

I have worked on the following products: CyberCop Monitor NT 2.0 - 2.5, and CyberCop Scanner NT 5.0 - 6.0, CyberCop Scanner Linux 2.5. I have worked closely with the development team on all phases of these projects, from conception and design, to final testing for release. On Scanner, I have done significant research in relation to security vulnerabilities. This information was incorporated in the product as vulnerability modules.

Microsoft QA Engineer 10/15/98-4/10/99

Working in the Outlook 2000 Group I was responsible for the import/export feature. I worked closely with Developers, and Product Managers to assess the severity of bugs, and the impact that any particular fix would have on testing. I was also responsible for Y2K compliance in my areas, as well as testing on many platforms. These included Win98, NT4, Win2000, and Windows terminal server. Each platform was tested in 5 languages as well.


Microsoft QA Engineer 5/14/98-9/30/98

I was responsible for testing the HeadTrax UI, using testing matrices and scripts. I created and maintained testing matrices. I assisted in the administration of the RAID database. I was responsible for updating the HeadTrax Revision History document with current testing results. I was responsible for compiling a documentation binder for our product. I was also involved with dog food testing with Office9, NT5, and SQL7. When this product shipped I moved to the Outlook team. (see above)

Allied Signal Network Administrator2/97-5/98

My duties included troubleshooting hardware and software related issues, Installing new hardware and software, and maintaining client side network connection. In addition, I built a database system for tracking trouble calls, and implemented MIS policies. At this organization I was responsible for 55+ WIN95 nodes.

AuraVision Network Administrator 6/96-9/99

My duties at AuraVision included assisting in the design of a switched TCP/IP Network. After design approval, I was tasked with upgrading 70+ nodes to WIN95, building WIN95/NT file servers from existing data, and training users in new environment. In early 1999 I was asked to assess the Y2K readiness of the company, and perform all necessary upgrades, as well as updating all desktop OS’s. I went on to maintain this companies network infrastructure until the doors closed in late 1999.